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The Eye Opening Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates


Cannabis concentrates are growing in popularity.

From live resin to shatter to bubble hash and everything in-between, there is no shortage of variety.

Given that concentrates are fast-acting and flavorful…

What’s not to love?

Truth be told, though:

That’s only the beginning!

There are lot of benefits to consuming cannabis concentrates.

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10 Cannabis Strains to Help You Unwind This Weekend


Are you looking to take it easy this weekend?

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing after a long work week.

If getting lit, eating delicious food, and staying high all weekend long sounds like heaven to you…

We wouldn’t blame you.

In fact, well, let’s just say we already have you covered.

Check out our roundup of ten dank cannabis strains to help you chill out this weekend.

Go ahead, treat yo’self.

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